Vacation has finally arrived and I am so excited to get a week’s worth of sunshine and good weather (…hopefully). Unfortunately, I don’t have access to wifi unless I go to a public place with a hotspot. Being unplugged has been interesting, to say the least. I never realized how much time I spend browsing social media, until I couldn’t anymore. I also never realized how I never really focus on one thing at a time. Usually when watching TV, I’ll check my insta feed. When eating lunch, I'll watch a short Netflix episode. When drinking my morning coffee, I'll scan my emails. It has not even been 24h of my wifi-free cleanse and I am already getting antsy, but I’ll live (lol). 

I wanted to share this next outfit that I wear to school frequently. I always hesitated wearing a dress to school, because I thought I would be uncomfortable sitting all day in it. However, this Old Navy dress proved me wrong. It is so soft and easy to wear, that I find myself reaching for it quite often. 

I also love Hunter’s because of their versatility and the fact that they can be worn almost every season. 

Dress: Old Navy, Hat: Old Navy (Similar), Vest: DKNY (Similar-ish - On sale!), Boots: Hunters (On sale at Browns right now), Socks: Hunters   

Photography: Melissa Aflalo