Life according to the Insta’s I didn’t post

Today, January 5th, I sit in class reflecting on the last two weeks. Less than 24 hours ago, I was walking around in a T-shirt, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and sunshine. Now, at 2: 13 pm on a Tuesday, I am sitting in this g-d forsaken chemistry class, and I can’t help but keep drifting back to those happier times. But now, in an attempt to capture the last of those good times, I will recap my vacation instead of listening in class (great start to the semester, I know).

So when I left Montreal, we were having some sort of crazy heat wave. How crazy? Well on Christmas Eve, the outdoor temperature was about 17°C (in my 22 years of living, I have never experienced this before). 

So, I arrived in Florida at around 1 am, and it was party time. My family was waiting for me at the airport, and we basically had a pizza party at 2 am. I had one goal for this vacation: to get through my list of restaurants. I know this sounds crazy, because normal people look forward to sit and relax on the beach. Well call me crazy, but I look forward to hitting up my local favourites all year. #FoodFest2015

The first night I went to my beloved BurgerFi. It’s a Five Guys-type burger chain that is always a must for me. I warn you, this is not a diet-friendly list. 

The next day became a beach day. Now, here’s why I am not fond of the beach: you have to schlep everything you need (chairs, towels, snacks, books, parasol etc) to the car, drive to the beach, carry everything onto the sand, sit there for 3 hours, and then repeat in reverse. Personally, it just seems like a lot of effort. However, this time I had an impromptu photo-shoot, which had some people observing me curiously, but, #DoItForTheBlog. 

That night I went to this amazing Greek restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Greek Islands Taverna. If you like Greek food, this place is a must (the grilled octopus is to die for). 

The next day we went to one of my absolute favourite lunch spots in Florida. If any of you are Diner’s, Drive-In's and Dives fans, this place was featured on their show. It is called La Camaronera, and it is a little gem of a seafood joint, tucked away deep into Little Havana. I warn you, this is not a glamorous place, and in a little bit of a “sketch” area (like that would stop me!), so best not to get lost around there.


Thursday was New Years Eve, and while I didn’t do anything spectacular, I spent it with my family, drinking Costco Margarita mix (surprisingly good) and Champagne. I call that an overall success. 

The next day, I spent the day reading the Mindy Kailing book “Why Not Me” by the pool. If you like The Mindy Project, read her book. I was honestly laughing out loud to the point where an elderly man came up to me asking me how I was so focused on reading in such a loud place. It’s a hilarious page-turner, that’s how. 

The next night, I was going to my aunt’s house for dinner, and took that as an opportunity to play with makeup (you know, because if I mess up, and look like a raccoon/street walker, at least only my family will judge me). I actually got a few compliments on this smokey look, so I think I will post a tutorial about it. 

As the food fest continues, I will let you know my favourite place in all of Miami for pizza. It is called La Dolce Vita (translation, the good life) and their prosciutto and arugula pizza is one for the books.

After stuffing my face with pizza, I wanted to go to the Gulf Stream, a place full of shops and restaurants, to see the annual light show they do with all the Christmas trees. But sadly, on January 3rd they no longer do that… it’s not like I was waiting all year for it or anything.

The last night’s restaurant was the big one. Joe’s Stone Crab is one of South Beach’s most famous restaurants. They are not open all year, and are infamously known for having a minimum 2-hour wait (they don’t take reservations). The first time I attempted this restaurant, I was not prepared for this, so ended up leaving. But this time, I came mentally prepared with my game face on. It was worth it, end of story. Go there and bring cliff bars for the wait if you must, because it has taken the crown for best restaurant of the #FoodFest2015.

I woke up the next morning, packed, took this picture (I may be smiling, but I am crying on the inside), got on the plane, and arrived to -20°C weather. It was rough. I survived. It is now 3:12 pm and I am still not listening to the teacher. Oh well. 

I hope you all had a very relaxing and joyful winter break! Hopefully you will have a more positive and motivating outlook regarding going back to school than I (lol).

My ranking of the restaurants:

1.     Joe’s Stone Crab

2.     La Dolce Vita (pizza)

3.     The Greek Islands Taverna

4.     La Camaronera

5.     BurgerFi

Honourable mention: Chipotle (duh).

Ps. Yes I have noticed that I am doing the same pose in every picture. Long ago I found something that works so I’m running with it (don’t judge lol).