The Sale Theory

A girl's (& guy's) guide to getting a good deal

Over the years, I have paid for my impatience… and let me tell you, it wasn’t cheap. When I would walk into a store, and see something that I liked, I just had to have it. This meant that 90% of the time I ended up paying full price. When I turned 18, my parents told me that I had to start being more responsible financially. Suddenly, I was the one footing the bill, and paying full price was no longer something that I had such a nonchalant attitude about. So, in response to my newfound respect for bargaining, I started having to wait. So here is my number one tip to getting the most bang for your buck: buy off-season.

Let me tell you a secret: everything goes on sale. Okay, well maybe not everything, but most things. Especially if you are shopping at chain stores such as H&M, Zara, Gap, and my favourite, Old Navy (highly underrated). Anyone who knows me well knows that about 70% of my wardrobe consists of Old Navy. I can honestly say that I have never in my life paid ticket price for any of my Old Navy purchases. The secret? Coupon codes. Sign up for their email service, and you will get daily emails with codes to save anything between 25 and 40% off (and the coveted annual Black Friday 50% off code). Now, this is not specific to Old Navy. Almost every big store offers email or social media coupon codes.  First, make a list of what you want, and then comes the hard part: waiting. Obviously you want to wear those gorgeous leather boots in the fall, or those fab gladiator sandals in the summer, but sadly for us, the best discounts always come off-season. This means that I am usually shopping for bikinis in September and for winter boots in May.

I honestly sometimes feel like that I am in the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic where the mannequins are talking to Isla Fischer, calling her name and pleading for her to come into the store. The moral of the shopaholic story: sometimes you just need to keep walking.

On the other hand, I honestly get a thrill, a true junkie-esque adrenaline rush when I get a good deal. I feel so accomplished (lol) because I paid less for a given item than the “suckers” who paid full price.

If you are at the checkout line buying your full priced item because you simply could not resist (don’t feel bad, we have all been there), here is my last line of defense. Check for any codes or discounts that you could maybe use in a last minute attempt to get a deal. Just click on the website, type in the store, and all the current sales will pop up accompanied by their success rate.

So, you’re probably reading this and wondering what this has to do with the outfit I am posting. Well, although this outfit looks “trendy” and has all the aspects of an “expensive” outfit, but let me tell you, it is not.

The leather jacket, I snagged during Zara’s end of winter annual sale, for 45$ (REAL leather). The Nike Thea’s were a steal for 49$ at Marshalls. The bag, BCBG, was originally 168$ but I paid 34$ at Marshalls.  I got 15% off the jeans from Topshop with my Bay Card, as well as 45% off the Old Navy sweater (8$). The fur collar is my mom’s, which is obviously an investment item. However, nowadays there are so many high quality faux fur options. If I didn’t already have this collar in my house, I would definitely buy this one.

So lets break it down.

Total full price: = 518 $

Total sale price: = 183 $

I saved roughly 65%, major win. 

In the end, this outfit, in theory, is definitely not “affordable”. However, with a combination of patience, bargain hunting and sorting through the disaster war zone that is known as Winners/Marshalls, you can get an awesome outfit at a fraction of the cost.

This outfit was originally meant to be shot in Florida (when I was on vacation). Sadly, I took the wrong camera charger, my camera died and my blogging capabilities died with it. So, I popped on a fur collar and some gloves and called it a “Winter-ish” outfit. Now clearly this is not an outfit for our typical Montreal winters (sneakers in the snow... lol). But, when a magical mild day comes along, this is definitely something I would wear (I call this my Jenny-from-the-block outfit). 

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