fall casual chic

Hello again! Well, it's official, midterms are over and school has officially gone from enjoyable to panic-ridden. It happens every year, and yet, I always seem to be surprised when this time rolls around. 

fall chic

Today I want to discuss fall fashion must-haves. This is basically my wish-list/fall purchases that I have been coveting. One trend that I have actually found interesting, is the ensemble I'm wearing today. I have recently seen this trend of wearing a turtleneck underneath a dress appearing everywhere from top models, to forever 21. I actually think it's great because it allows us to recycle a few of our more classic summer dresses in the fall and wintertime.  

Okay so let's talk fall trends: 


  1. I think I can sum up the biggest trend, in my opinion in 3 words; VELVET, VELVET, VELVET. A little dramatic, I know, but I really do find that the fabrics of the season are deep jewel-toned velvets. 
  2. Thigh-high boots. They are so versatile because they can be worn as flats for an everyday casual version with jeans, or can be purchased as a heel to dress up any outfit. I loved the fact that Zara created multiple pairs of these trendy boots at every price point. I personally didn't feel the need to buy an 300$+ leather pair because they are such a trendy item. I also find leather a little stiff, and this is the type of boot that you really want to mold to your legs. Aldo actually makes a nice imitation of the super luxurious Stuart Weitzman version, but for half the cost, HERE
  3. Embellishment & Embroidery. This type of ornate fashion is making a huge comeback. Zara has some really beautiful embroidered military jackets and bombers, as well as tons of dresses and knitwear with beautiful patterned stitching. This one from Zara is really nice, and is so detailed and structured yet can still be feminine. I am also coveting this amazing embellished sweater from Banana Republic. I was swooning over it in the store, but when I looked at the price tag, couldn't quite pull the trigger and buy it (waiting for a sale, fingers crossed). 
  4. Camel coloured coats. I have been on the lookout for the perfect camel wool coat and have come up empty handed. Sure there are some amazing options our there, but they were either too expensive, or too bulky. The oversized wool coat is so ON-trend this season, yet it is such a classic item that keeps coming back each season. My wish list coat is this one from Mango. It is a perfect combination of all my favourite things in a coat, belted, with the wide collar and wool (even though it is off white, and not camel). This is a nice structured one from Mango. I also love this one from ASOS, as well as this belted peacoat from Banana Republic. Lastly, this version from H&M is super affordable, yet still 50% wool! 
  5. Sequins. My friends, once again, the Holiday time has come, and along with it, the return of the sequins. I actually love sequins when done tastefully. A word of advice, a sequined piece is the main event. There is no need to accessorize or overdo hair and makeup when wearing a sequin dress, skirt or blazer. I recently bought this version from H&M and I LOVE it. It is definitely a "wow" dress because of the low back detail.  I also love this really effortless looking gold version from H&M as well. 

This outfit is actually really comfortable and the Zara sweater is SO soft. I have worn it at lest 5 times to school already, and I always get compliments on it! I wear this to school with more opaque tights and flat leather boots instead of the thigh-high ones. 

fall casual chic
An actual naturally smiling candid shot...

An actual naturally smiling candid shot...

What I'm Wearing: Sweater: Zara , Dress: Zara, Similar : H&M Zip Dress (They now have online shopping!!), Thigh-high boots: Zara : Black version , I have the black version, but I die over this red velvet version from Zara as well. Tights: I'm almost positive they are from the dollar store.

I honestly love how THE DAY after Halloween, the shopping mall's send their elves to work all night and set up all the Christmas decorations. In North America, we apparently waste no time when it comes to setting up for the holiday season. Yet, I don't even mind because the decorations are so charming. 

That's all for now!