Dressing for winter has been a real challenge lately. When I am at school, my classes are in a lot of different buildings. Luckily for me, there is a way to access most buildings through the underground passage ways. This means that I can go through my whole day with almost never having to go outside. Unfortunately, I still need to dress appropriately for winter. I live in Montreal, and for those of you who dont know, it can get cold. Really cold. Yesterday it felt like it was -40°C. When I was walking from the library to the car, it honestly hurt to breathe. 

 All this to say that I have to wear the whole winter getup for those 5 minutes I am outside. However, I spend a lot of my day walking around campus (and taking the stairs) lugging around my huge jacket, scarf, hat, gloves and sweating profusely (sorry for the overshare). 

I can't wait for the day when the temperature will be mild enough to bring out those spring sweaters and ditch the 400 pound parka (I can get a wee-bit dramatic at times, I know). 

However, two weeks ago we were having lovely enough weather that I got to wear this outfit (that I love). Layering a high quality long-sleeve with a fur vest and a scarf was just the right amount to keep me warm without overheating. 

This is an outfit that can be cute while still extremely comfortable. With exams coming up, I am definitely going to make the effort to show up a little more put-together. I am honestly a little ashamed when thinking back on how I arrived to some of my previous exams. It was definitely not among my proudest moments. Although I have never shown up in actual pyjamas, I can't say that I was that far-off either. The sweatpants paired with the makeup-free face and the bags under my eyes was really not a good look for me. 

So, I just wanted to wish everyone good luck on their exams! These next two weeks will be brutal, so buckle down, don't get discouraged and may the curve be with you. The library will officially become my new home and my goal for these next two weeks will be to limit the panic attacks as to one-per-day (haha I'm only kidding... I hope). 

Smiling for now. 

*Insert motivational quote* LOL

Be a fruit loop in a world of Cheerios
— Unknown
Meredith Grey didn’t become a surgeon and get to marry McDreamy by not studying
— probably tumblr
Quit slackin’ and make sh*t happen
— Pinterest "motivation quotes"

Now that you feel inspired, get to work and may the odds be ever in your favor

Outfit details: Boots: UGG Australia, Vest: Gap (old) (Similar: F21) (Similar: F21), Jeans: TopShop, Scarf: Forever21 (Similar), Long-sleeve: Old Navy 

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