Layers & Leopard

Weekend Update

Midterm week (technically weeks) have finally ended, and I made it through alive... barely. Six midterms and countless sleepless, panic-ridden nights later, it is finally over. Thursday night, I was lucky enough to go to the Luke Bryan concert. It was amazing to say the least, and a much needed recharge. It is now March break, and I am excited to spend some down-time finishing up The Office and start the new season of House Of Cards (March 4th people).  


Now, onto the article at hand...

Elevating Any Outfit

My philosophy when I shop has always remained the same. There are some things that I am I willing to splurge on. However, there are some things that I am often able to save on.  It's actually a pretty basic idea, spend money on accessories and outerwear, save money on clothing. 

This outfit was a pseudo-recreation of a similar outfit I saw on a blog I follow. I loved this look on her (the blogger), but was shocked by the price of some of the items. I'm sorry, but a turtleneck for over 240$ is actual insanity to me. Those are the types of pieces that you don't need to shell out tons of money for. You can easily wear an Old Navy or Forever 21 sweater, but still look chic and put together. The trick to elevating any outfit is pairing it with high quality accessories. A gorgeous bag, an elegant coat or a high quality pair of shoes can take any look from drab-to-fab instantly. 

Spend on Shoes 


I have always believed in investing in high quality pairs of shoes. Now this doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Aldo has basically been my one-stop-shop for shoes during the past few years. Most importantly, I usually try to buy leather shoes. It really makes a big difference not only in terms of look, but also in terms of comfort and durability. I have really gotten my money's worth over the years with my basic black Aldo pumps. Yet, by looking at them, you would think they were brand new. These leopard boots are definitely the most expensive pair I have ever worn, and they are my mom's (she has much better style than me). They instantly take this basic outfit, and give it the "punch" it needs. They take this look from basic, to stylish and edgy (for me at least lol). 

Coats are Key

layers and leopard

An elegant coat can be an outfit in itself. Don't believe me? Watch any episode of Scandal. Olivia Pope is strutting in and out of the White House in her gorgeous ensembles. However, the most striking part of her look (to me personally) are her beautiful coats. There is a story behind this specific coat. For those who care, this is the story (for those who don't, skip over to the next section). 

In the fall, my mom and I decided to go to the Mackage sample sale at the Old Port. We got there, paid 20$ for parking that was 10 minutes away. It was freezing and I was poorly dressed for the occasion. We finally get to Marché Bonsecours, and the line wrapped all the way around the building to Rue de la Commune. Nonetheless, we decided that we wanted those Mackage jackets. We waited outside for 2 and a half hours. After finally getting  to the front door, what do we see? ANOTHER line. We just kept going because we had already invested too much time and money into that night to leave. I was not walking out of there without a coat. I didn't end up finding a Mackage, but I did find this Soia & Kyo. I didn't even know that this brand existed before that night, but I liked the coat and it was half off. Win-win. 


Save On Trends 

*Insert hair flip emoji*

*Insert hair flip emoji*

This grey marled turtleneck was $22 from Old Navy and it is identical to some that I have seen for more than $100. Things like sweaters, tops, dresses and "trend-type clothing" are where I try to save the most money. Chances are, I will get sick of the item after 2 seasons anyways. Since I probably didn't spend more than $30 on it, I won't feel bad throwing it out. Forever 21 is the dream destination for these types of items. Let's be real, their quality is one step above garbage (pronounced gar-baahge). So even if you want to keep their clothing for a while, after a handful of washes, it is just not the same.  Buy it, get your money's worth, toss it, and repeat. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that all you all enjoy the week off we so greatly deserve. Seriously, enjoy it. In 4 weeks we get to re-live the exam panic all over again. If any of you have money saving tips, leave a comment down below! 

{Outfit details: Coat: Soia & Kyo (very similar), Boots: Michael Kors (similar), Turtleneck: Old Navy (similar, American Eagle), Jeans: Topshop