Dressed up casual

Dressed-Up Casual

The Lazy-ish Guide To Looking Put-Together

This week was march break, but, I wouldn't exactly call it a break. Between the utter panic of checking for marks, working and catching up on school-work, it wasn't the most relaxing of times. I have honestly been looking forward to this week since January. Yet, it flew by, leaving me no time to actually unwind and reset myself for the challenging next few weeks. 

More often then not, I find myself reaching for comfort over style. By doing this, my "look" gets real sloppy, real fast. Am I proud of this? Absolutely not. However, there is a key element to looking put together that often gets overlooked. What is it? Makeup. 

For example, take this outfit. This look is fairly basic, yet the classic red lip takes it from boring to lazy-chic (basically my entire approach to fashion on a daily basis). 

Look Fresh-Faced And Awake

Makeup is a huge part of your look. Some people either choose to go makeup-free, or are lucky enough not to need any extra help in the beauty department. I am neither of those people. My skin is a hot mess and honestly needs all the help that it can get. I have major dark circles and the acne scars don't exactly help. What does actually help is that I am quite gifted in the beauty department. Okay, maybe not gifted. I can attribute my "mad-skillz" to the YouTube beauty guru's. 

The point is, any outfit looks infinitely better on a "fresh-faced and glowing" girl. 

I use the term fresh-faced loosely. I have many versions of a "basic" makeup look that I use. The time frame it takes me to accomplish these looks goes from 5 minutes - 45 minutes. Don't be fooled, many of the "fresh-faced" looks demand much time and many products. I will actually do a post on my absolute favorite makeup for my 5-min, on the go look (so stay tuned)!

However, if makeup scares you, here are my 3 go-to's: concealer, mascara and lipstick. Hide those dark circles and accentuate those eyes and lips.

All in all, I love using makeup as a way to play-up any look! It's definitely fun to try out new products and experiment with what's new in the makeup world. 

You can read all about the other ways you can dress up an outfit in my last blog post right here. 

I also want to add that this cardigan is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. It is honestly like wearing a giant blanket all day. I am especially grateful for it when I am sitting in school and the temperamental heating system is acting up.  

I hope you all had a relaxing march break and are ready for the grueling weeks up ahead.  Happy Monday and I wish everyone a great week! 

This outfit: Jeans: Topshop, Shirt: Costa Blanca (old) (Similar), Cardigan: Forever21 (similar), Shoes: Aldo (Similar), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Bag: BCBG (Similar) (Similar)


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