floral skirt

Today is July 25th. When did this happen!? This summer is flying by so quickly, it's honestly alarming. I seriously can't believe that I am starting school in a month. I mean, where did the time go? Anyways, I digress. 

Today I want to talk about taking fashion risks. My personal style is pretty cookie-cutter in the sense that I have a general look that I gravitate towards. I occasionally like to incorporate "trendy" pieces (*cough cough* to my off-the-shoulder obsession this summer), but I mainly stay in the "classic with a twist" area. 

When I came across this skirt from Forever 21, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. This is NOT usually something I would pick up, but I just couldn't leave it. I brought it home and both my sisters immediately HATED it, and vocalized their opinion without hesitation. Think Regina George "that is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen" reaction.  I began doubting my purchase, but nonetheless decided to stick with it (aka forgot about it, and then the 21 days had passed... whoops).

floral skirt

I was really doubting this skirt because it was SO far out of my comfort zone. However, after doing this blog post, and reviewing the pictures, I realized that I actually really loved this look. It felt classy, ladylike and would be perfect to wear to a fancy brunch, a daytime wedding, or a synagogue/church event. I took a fashion risk, that felt quite out of my comfort zone and in the end, I actually really liked it. #LifeLesson #WordsOfWisdom #ClichéAF

I had seen this "midi skirt look" SO many times on Pinterest, but it was always either on super skinny fashion bloggers, or on tall, long-legged models. I tried to picture myself wearing a skirt like this, and couldn't help but think "I will look like a troll".  Yet, my point is that sometimes going out of your comfort zone isn't the worst thing in the world...

Sometimes the risk pays off and sometimes it doesn't (and in this case, I defs think I get at least an "A" for effort... okay maybe a B-).  

For example, whoever thought that brown liquid lipstick was a good idea (I'm looking at you Kylie Jenner) was clearly out of their mind. No offence to any lovers of this trend, but "True Brown" flatters no one.

It honestly looks like your lips are diseased and this trend needs to die asap. 

However, regardless of my personal opinion (I really didn't hold back there eh?), I commend girls everywhere for taking such a bold beauty risk!! (but for real, dump the lip-kit). 

Basically, YOU DO YOU GURL. (*and boys*)

My Outfit: Skirt: Forever 21, Similar - ASOS, Similar - ASOS, Strapless Top: H&M, Similar - Forever21, Also strapless but cropped - Forever21Shoes: ALDO (Exact and 50% OFF!)