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Favourite Travel Makeup

favourite travel makeup

Normally when I go on vacation, 50% of my suitcase is dedicated to makeup & beauty products. However, this time, I really skimped as much as I could and stuck only to what was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. 

I was in Greece in August, so it's safe to say, it was HOT. I needed quick, easy makeup that would last throughout the day with minimal retouching. 

When it comes to makeup, I am usually very high maintenance. I have about 40,000 products, and use them all. 

However, I have narrowed it down to my travel must-haves. 


Primer: Givenchy Mister Mat Matifying Foundation primer

I have super oily skin, and this primer, for the most part, kept me matte all day long. 

Foundation: It Cosmetics - Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

This CC cream is so light yet gives amazing coverage. Dust it off with a little finishing powder, and it won't budge. I really love this "foundation" because it doesn't leave you with that heavy makeup feeling, in fact you can't feel this product on your face at all. I wear the color "light". 

Concealer: Bare Minerals Complete Coverage Serum Concealer 

This concealer is also super light, never "cakey", and lasts all day long. I have been obsessed with it, and it's now the only one I reach for. 

Bronzer: For all over: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Sun Power

This is my absolute favorite bronzer, because it doesn't leave a powdery finish and actually melts onto your skin. The color is VERY pigmented, so definitely use a light hand. 

For contouring: NARS Laguna Bronzer 

If you want to go the EXTRA mile (if you're a makeup junkie like me), the MAC bronzer is a little to warm toned for contouring however, the NARS Laguna is the absolute perfect shade. 

Blush: NARS Blush in the color Orgasm

Eyeliner: Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane

This eyeliner is amazing for brown eyes (the color really makes them pop)! My best tip is to apply it on your top line and then smudge it with your finger. It doesn't make it look as harsh and gives the most subtle smokey eye. 

Brows: Color Pop Bangin' Brunette Pencil

This is the most amazing brow product I have ever used, and best of all, it's only 5$, yes you read that right. 

Eyelash Curler: I use this one from Shiseido, it's 10 years old and still in perfect condition

An absolute must (it looks scary, almost like a torture device, but I promise you it makes the most noticeable difference). By curling your eyelashes, it "opens up" the eyes and makes you look more awake. Also, a word of advice, do not buy a cheap brand or you run the risk of pulling out your eyelashes. 

Mascara: Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara 

This Mascara is 4$ from Pharmaprix and it is my absolute favourite. It is better than any 40$ high end mascara, and even trumps the OG Loréal Voluminous. 

Highlighter: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

I don't think this highlighter needs any explanation. In one word, it's perfection. 

Finishing Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray - Travel Size

This is the product that will hold everything in place! By getting the travel size, you save space and it's only 17$! 


I absolutely swear by these products, and although it seems like a lot, I was able to fit all of these products into one small makeup bag (pencil case size). One that you can throw in your day bag in case you ever want to touch up. 

What I'm wearing: Skirt: Zara, Crop Top: Zara (Can you tell I like Zara!?)


So what are your favourite travel makeup items? Let me know in the comments! (I always love trying new products)

Paradise in Mykonos


Hey there! It has definitely been way too long since I've last posted on my blog. Why have I been so absent? I have been busy jet-setting around the world. Okay, maybe not around the world, but around Greece instead. 


My best friend Jordana and I both had extremely stressful summers and just needed a break. We actually booked this trip SO last minute, which is SO unlike us. We kept joking the entire time that it usually takes us longer to figure out dinner plans than it did to book this trip. 

We went Greek Island hopping, and it was the perfect balance of crazy nights and lazy days.

Our adventure actually started out in Athens. We saw the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Archeological museum, the Ancient Agora and the first modern Olympic Stadium (which was nice to see during the actual summer Olympics). 

We then embarked on a 5 1/2 hour ferry ride, where I was seasick the entire time (and did I mention it was 6am!?). The Greek ferry experience is an interesting one to say the least. It was described to me as "organized chaos" but I would just call it chaos. When the ferry arrived in Mykonos, everyone rushed to the bottom level to find their suitcase in a state of panic. Then, the giant "doors" open and there is a huge mass of people trying to exit the ferry all at once (did I mention I was seasick? lol). 

Anyways, we were staying at the Paradise beach resort, and let me tell you, this is the place to be. It is directly on the beach, but is also 2 minutes away from the two biggest clubs on the island. However, if partying is not your thing, than I would definitely skip out on this resort, because the party goes until 7 am (essentially every night, or morning?). We stayed in the "apartment-type rooms" and although it was a little further up from the beach, the beautiful view made it worth it. 


Besides being extremely well located, the resort itself was really nice (it's still a "hostel" though, so have realistic expectations). During the day, you can rent these huge beach daybeds with a parasol for about 10 euros, and the party starts at around noon at the Tropicana or Guapaloca Beachclubs. There are multiple DJ's, a huge dance floor and all the food and drinks you could want (really, what more could you ask for in life)!

However, if you want to venture out into the main town to see those iconic windmills, the city bus stop is located right outside the resort. For about 2 euros, you can hop on the bus (we did several times) and be dropped off in the main town in under 20 minutes. 

Definitely have your Iphone fully charged or bring your camera, because the picturesque views are what Mykonos is famous for. 


Note that Mykonos is known to be one of the more expensive Islands due to the constant influx of A-list celebrities that are known to vacation here.


Another amazing thing about Mykonos, is that big DJ's are known to come perform at the clubs here (Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Nervo, Afrojack were all there a couple days before we were). We got to go see Benny Benassi perform at CAVO during our stay! What's funny is that the DJ only shows up at like 3:45 am in this club (where as in Montreal, you're being hauled out of the clubs at 3am). 

The main town is absolutely beautiful, but beware, they are not kidding when they say that Mykonos is known to be the "windy city". Nine times out of ten in my pictures, I am being engulfed by my unruly hair flying every which way. 


You can't come to Mykonos without exploring their ever-winding streets, appreciating the beautiful and unique architecture, or enjoying one of their iconic sunsets (I kid you not, these pictures really need #nofliter). 


Now is the time where I need to give a special shout-out to my best friend Jordana. She really helped me get all this amazing content for my blog/instagram throughout this entire trip. For someone who is such a "live in the moment" person, she literally followed me through Greece behind the camera lens. She really is an amazing friend for putting up with my photo-taking insanity and did it all with a smile on her face and not a single complaint. 

So, Jordana, I infinitely thank you & dedicate this post to you! 


I also have to mention a highlight of my time in Mykonos, I got to meet one of my absolute FAVOURITE bloggers (Christine from Hello Fashion Blog ). I actually had a fan girl moment (to the point where it was a little embarrassing). One morning, I see one of her snaps in Mykonos, and I actually start freaking out (Jordana said she had never seen me this excited). Then fast forward a couple hours later, we are walking through the main town, and in one of those winding little streets, I see her! I walk up to her and introduce myself (at first she looked confused because I don't think she realized I recognized her from her blog). But nonetheless, she was super sweet and even took a picture with me!

So, onto the outfit

Dress: Zara (during the semi-annual sale), Sandals: Aldo (similar-ish), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Bag: H&M (7$!!)


Vacay Recap

Life according to the Insta’s I didn’t post

Today, January 5th, I sit in class reflecting on the last two weeks. Less than 24 hours ago, I was walking around in a T-shirt, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and sunshine. Now, at 2: 13 pm on a Tuesday, I am sitting in this g-d forsaken chemistry class, and I can’t help but keep drifting back to those happier times. But now, in an attempt to capture the last of those good times, I will recap my vacation instead of listening in class (great start to the semester, I know).

So when I left Montreal, we were having some sort of crazy heat wave. How crazy? Well on Christmas Eve, the outdoor temperature was about 17°C (in my 22 years of living, I have never experienced this before). 

So, I arrived in Florida at around 1 am, and it was party time. My family was waiting for me at the airport, and we basically had a pizza party at 2 am. I had one goal for this vacation: to get through my list of restaurants. I know this sounds crazy, because normal people look forward to sit and relax on the beach. Well call me crazy, but I look forward to hitting up my local favourites all year. #FoodFest2015

The first night I went to my beloved BurgerFi. It’s a Five Guys-type burger chain that is always a must for me. I warn you, this is not a diet-friendly list. 

The next day became a beach day. Now, here’s why I am not fond of the beach: you have to schlep everything you need (chairs, towels, snacks, books, parasol etc) to the car, drive to the beach, carry everything onto the sand, sit there for 3 hours, and then repeat in reverse. Personally, it just seems like a lot of effort. However, this time I had an impromptu photo-shoot, which had some people observing me curiously, but, #DoItForTheBlog. 

That night I went to this amazing Greek restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Greek Islands Taverna. If you like Greek food, this place is a must (the grilled octopus is to die for). 

The next day we went to one of my absolute favourite lunch spots in Florida. If any of you are Diner’s, Drive-In's and Dives fans, this place was featured on their show. It is called La Camaronera, and it is a little gem of a seafood joint, tucked away deep into Little Havana. I warn you, this is not a glamorous place, and in a little bit of a “sketch” area (like that would stop me!), so best not to get lost around there.


Thursday was New Years Eve, and while I didn’t do anything spectacular, I spent it with my family, drinking Costco Margarita mix (surprisingly good) and Champagne. I call that an overall success. 

The next day, I spent the day reading the Mindy Kailing book “Why Not Me” by the pool. If you like The Mindy Project, read her book. I was honestly laughing out loud to the point where an elderly man came up to me asking me how I was so focused on reading in such a loud place. It’s a hilarious page-turner, that’s how. 

The next night, I was going to my aunt’s house for dinner, and took that as an opportunity to play with makeup (you know, because if I mess up, and look like a raccoon/street walker, at least only my family will judge me). I actually got a few compliments on this smokey look, so I think I will post a tutorial about it. 

As the food fest continues, I will let you know my favourite place in all of Miami for pizza. It is called La Dolce Vita (translation, the good life) and their prosciutto and arugula pizza is one for the books.

After stuffing my face with pizza, I wanted to go to the Gulf Stream, a place full of shops and restaurants, to see the annual light show they do with all the Christmas trees. But sadly, on January 3rd they no longer do that… it’s not like I was waiting all year for it or anything.

The last night’s restaurant was the big one. Joe’s Stone Crab is one of South Beach’s most famous restaurants. They are not open all year, and are infamously known for having a minimum 2-hour wait (they don’t take reservations). The first time I attempted this restaurant, I was not prepared for this, so ended up leaving. But this time, I came mentally prepared with my game face on. It was worth it, end of story. Go there and bring cliff bars for the wait if you must, because it has taken the crown for best restaurant of the #FoodFest2015.

I woke up the next morning, packed, took this picture (I may be smiling, but I am crying on the inside), got on the plane, and arrived to -20°C weather. It was rough. I survived. It is now 3:12 pm and I am still not listening to the teacher. Oh well. 

I hope you all had a very relaxing and joyful winter break! Hopefully you will have a more positive and motivating outlook regarding going back to school than I (lol).

My ranking of the restaurants:

1.     Joe’s Stone Crab

2.     La Dolce Vita (pizza)

3.     The Greek Islands Taverna

4.     La Camaronera

5.     BurgerFi

Honourable mention: Chipotle (duh).

Ps. Yes I have noticed that I am doing the same pose in every picture. Long ago I found something that works so I’m running with it (don’t judge lol).